MySQL ODBC connector problems

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MySQL ODBC connector problems

Postby StageCoachDriver » 16. July 2015 22:12

I'm running XAMPP 5.5.19 on Windows 7 but I can't connect to MySQL via my ODBC connector and there does not appear to be a matching ODBC connector in the XAMPP package that's compatible with the version of MySQL installed by the XAMPP installer. The version of MySQL in question is 5.6.21 Community Server. Should a compatible ODBC connector have been installed by the msi installer? If I upgrade to the latest version of XAMPP, will a compatible ODBC connector be available? The Oracle/MySQL site only has the 5.3.4 ODBC connector (and earlier versions). Oracle states the ODBC connector for my version of MySQL should be part of the 5.6.21 distribution.

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Re: MySQL ODBC connector problems

Postby Himawan » 27. March 2016 05:04

I used xampp 1.7.3 with ODBC 5.1 driver for MySql data processing using old software VFP :roll: . For a client connection to the server I'm using the 8192 option:
lcconn = "Driver = {MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver}; server = & ipservernya; Option = 8192; database = & dtbase; user = & useru; pwd = & pass;"
after I use xampp version 6.5.15 I can not connect again from the client to the server with the same command :shock:
Please help me about that solution, so my old software can use xampp version 6.5.15 or later. :wink:
thank you
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