How do I enable a PECL extension on Apache 2.4?

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How do I enable a PECL extension on Apache 2.4?

Postby balia » 08. March 2016 04:11

I am trying to setup horde webmail 5.2.9 on my server (debian Jessie).
When I go to localhost/horde/test.php I get
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PAM Support (PECL extension): No
The PAM PECL extension is required to allow PAM authentication to be used.   

To install the PAM extension, I have done the following:
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# sudo pecl install --alldeps PAM   

I can verify that PAM is installed:
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# sudo pecl list
Installed packages, channel
Package   Version State
pam       1.0.3   stable   

But when I go to localhost/phpinfo.php, I don't see the pam module anywhere.
Also, I cannot find on my disk.
So editing php.ini with as suggested by some is not an option.
Finally I don't see any PAM related module in /etc/apache2/mods-available.

What am I missing?
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