Xampp starts and is working on localhost, but not outside.

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Xampp starts and is working on localhost, but not outside.

Postby arksam » 02. March 2016 02:54

This has happened last week, but the same solution i used last week isnt working now. Apache started fine for the past few days, i made a few web pages and put them up online for people to see outside my network. But today, i made a page and tried to put it up, and i could only access it from my localhost, and my private ip. If i try to get to it online, it times out. I hadn't changed anything with xampp. I just made edits to a file and refreshed the page, like i always do, and all of a sudden it stops working. I reverted the changes i made to the file, but that didnt help. Nothing on my server works anymore from online.

All ports are forwarded, im using an admin account, and im pretty sure that i dont need to change any of the configuration files for apache because it was working fine before. One thing to mention, is that a few hours before it stopped working, the computer my server is running on got unplugged and turned off, causing me to turn everything back one, which i had not done in a while, but it was still working a few hours before it stopped.

It doesnt tell me that i have any errors from that box under everything, there might be some in my error.log
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Re: Xampp starts and is working on localhost, but not outsid

Postby JJ_Tagy » 02. March 2016 03:01

External access is beyond the scope of this board, but you may have had an IP address change.
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