How to serve a growing file

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How to serve a growing file

Postby basilikum » 29. October 2015 15:35

I would like to serve a growing audio file to the browser. The file is written to the disk during a live talk. After that talk, this is just another static file and I have no problems. But during the talk I would like to be able to play the file in a browser and continuously play, as it gets bigger. It should also be possible to seek to a certain position. The problem is, once the file is served, it is served with the length that it had at that time. So I cannot play the parts there were not available yet when I first loaded the file, but are available now.

One I thought it should be possible is to change the "Content-Rage" header from something like this:
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Content-Range: bytes 0-31999/32000

to something like this:
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Content-Range: bytes 0-31999/9999999999

This way the browser is supposed to thinks that there is always more data to request. I don't know if that is in general a good idea or not but it was the only thing I could come up with. But anyway, trying to change with mod_headers didn't work. So how can I achieve this?
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