Apache can't stop and restart... help!!!

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Apache can't stop and restart... help!!!

Postby abah05 » 17. December 2014 15:37

Apache can't stop and restart, please help.... what a problem and solution...

# /etc/init.d/lampp stop
Stopping XAMPP for Linux 1.8.3-5...
XAMPP: Stopping Apache...fail.
apachectl returned 1.
XAMPP: Stopping MySQL...ok.
XAMPP: Stopping ProFTPD...kill: usage: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigs pid | jobspec ... or kill -l [sigspec] fail.
kill returned 1.
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Re: Apache can't stop and restart... help!!!

Postby Nobbie » 17. December 2014 19:54

Cannot see restart, cannot see what you do.

If someone is going to provide the same question and the same three or four lines to you - what would you think about and what would you recommend? Let's replace "Apache" by somewhat else, "blabla" for example. Can you find any usefull information there? Anything? Everything matters. Any clue?
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