404 - Not found error Xampp/Win7

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404 - Not found error Xampp/Win7

Postby kominid » 29. June 2014 15:48

Hi, I just thought I would post here after unsuccessfully trawling forums for a solution.

After an install of Xampp I configured my hosts file and httpd-vhosts.conf file. This caused my 404 error.

To fix this I simply commented out my vhosts file and removed my hosts entry. This did not fix the problem, but after a simple reboot my Xampp page was once again accessible at localhost/xampp.

Hope this helps someone out!
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Re: 404 - Not found error Xampp/Win7

Postby Nobbie » 29. June 2014 20:27

kominid wrote:Hope this helps someone out!

Aha. For what?
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