How do I setup xampp for local and remote wordpress?

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How do I setup xampp for local and remote wordpress?

Postby sdk » 10. June 2014 16:19

Hi there.. I have setup xampp sucesfully HOWEVER I have not figured out how to configure my actual sites on it.

For example I now acces my wordpress from So I everywhere in Wordpress I have set this URL. On the XAMPP pc in the windows hosts file I made resolve to

So now I can succesfully use my site on a local pc.

Now I want to acces the site from somwhere else.... Unfortuantely because all my url point to a local ip 80% of the website never loads!

Now I would assume I would have to change my to match my external ip. This would also mean I would have to resolve that external pc to local host again.

But what happens to my other network pc? How do I acces my website from my local network when the site is avaiable on my external ip?
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Re: How do I setup xampp for local and remote wordpress?

Postby Nobbie » 10. June 2014 20:36

All that can be resolved by using domain names. Dont load Xampp from or similar, but instead from (for example) "xampp.pc", and xampp.pc is assigned to for local PCs, but it is assigned to (lets say) for external PCs.

The assignment is either done in local hosts files and/or in appropriate DNS Servers.

Finally, you setup a VirtualHost for "xampp.pc" in Apache, in order to resolve the requests. Of course, "xampp.pc" is not a proper name for this, but i think you know that you have to replace it by the name you need. For example "" or similar. And - most important! - when you configure Wordpress, you have to configure it running on "xampp.pc" (or "").
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