Sudden shutdown of mysql

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Sudden shutdown of mysql

Postby ChamaeLeon » 02. April 2014 19:25

I was looking for a solution on forums for a few days. I tried a lot of codes in putty, but with no success. My website worked normaly,but four days ago it suddenly could not connect to mysql. It was message on a blank page " ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can not connect to local MySQL server through socket '/ var / run / mysqld / mysql.sock' (2)". There was a file in var/run/mysqld and mysqld.sock in it, but this folder is empty after some codes in putty, like mysql server restart.... No solution I found did not help yet. If I delete var/run/mysqld folder and install new mysqld folder and mysqld.sock in it will it work? What code would I need? Thank yo very much in advance.

P.S There also wrote after some code that there is no more space on device, but there is a lot of it available.

Please do not laugh, I'm a beginner :D
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