Logging into: phpmyadmin

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Logging into: phpmyadmin

Postby oorosco » 10. February 2014 10:40

I need access to: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

I had a 2002 error originally to which I referred to: http://opensourcecmsinfo.com/2002-no-connection-could-be-made-because-the-target-machine-actively-refused-it/

but now, I get a log on screen, I tried my Xampp password, doesn't work, when I took the snapshot of my screen I hadn't even set a password yet either... http://puu.sh/6QL7s.png

helppp, you're my only hope guys! :)
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Re: Logging into: phpmyadmin

Postby Nobbie » 10. February 2014 12:06

If "root" and empty password does not work, there is no help for you, because this is the default installation for Xampp "out of the box".
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