How do you use XAMPP with a proxy?

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How do you use XAMPP with a proxy?

Postby samiejg » 07. February 2014 03:24

Hi there,

I'm using XAMPP, however, In my internet options I am configured to connect through a proxy. I want to ensure that my XAMPP connection is also going through the proxy. Would you guys know how I could do this?

Right now I can't access localhost because I'm on the proxy and localhost tries to access my proxies localhost. That's not an issue though as I'm only trying to run a PHP script, which can be done through shell with php -q filename.php. But the script is definitely going through my home IP and I need to make sure it's going through my proxy. I'm not sure if I maybe need to look for a PHP solution to this issue or not.

Any help will be much appreciated :)
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