Apache starts then closes dowm

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Apache starts then closes dowm

Postby DoubleV » 02. February 2014 00:17

I share the same problem as cpkelly and would like your advice on this.

When executing apache_start.bat the response is:

Diese Eingabeforderung nicht waehrend des Running beenden
Bitte erst bei einem gewollten Shutdown schliessen
Please close this command only for Shutdown
Apache 2 is starting ...
httpd.exe: Syntax error on line 555 of C:/xampp/apache/conf/httpd.conf: Could no
t open configuration file C:/xampp/apps/joomla/conf/httpd-prefix.conf: Le chemin
d\x92acc\xe8s sp\xe9cifi\xe9 est introuvable.

Apache konnte nicht gestartet werden
Apache could not be started
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I hope you can shed some light on this.
Have a good day/night.
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Re: Apache starts then closes dowm

Postby Altrea » 02. February 2014 02:37

Seems to me like a remnant from a uninstalled or moved Bitnami Joomla installation.
open your httpd.conf file and remove the relating Include Directive (somewhere at the end of the file).
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Re: Apache starts then closes dowm

Postby cpkelly » 02. February 2014 21:51

Hi Altrea

Looks like you were spot on. There was an old version of httpd.conf in the 'apache' folder.

Many thanks.

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