Session Upload Progress is not working

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Session Upload Progress is not working

Postby thoemi » 19. January 2014 11:06

Hi all,

I'm trying to get php session upload progress working in xampp. Here is what I'm trying to run:

I've freshly installed XAMPP 1.8.3-2 and checked if session.upload.progress is enabled via phpinfo(). The PHP module is run via the Apache 2.0 Handler, which is correct since I read that running PHP via FastCGI will not work. I have successfully run this script on my Virtual Server (Debian, Apache2.0, PHP 5.4)

So here is the problem: When I look at the $_SESSION variable while the file is beeing transferred (via an ajax call like in the example), the session variable never contains any file upload information. Even if I set session.upload.progress.cleanup to Off in the php.ini. I checked if the sessions are correctly initialized by setting some random variable and this seems to work.

Thanks for any Ideas where the problem could be.

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Re: Session Upload Progress is not working

Postby Altrea » 19. January 2014 11:58

Hi Thomas,

We can't provide any support for third party scripts, sorry.
Wild guess: The requirements for this Scripts is PHP 5.4, maybe you should try a XAMPP release containing PHP 5.4.

best wishes,
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