Can't view some JPEGs

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Can't view some JPEGs

Postby henbor29 » 11. November 2013 20:36

I recently installed XAMPP for Linux 1.8.3-1, running on Linux Mint Maya. XAMPP seems to be working properly but I have trouble viewing some JPEGs. They are photos from my digital camera. I can view them just fine in Windows, with Linux image viewers, and if I use my browser (Firefox 25) to navigate to the the folder containing the images. But when I startup XAMPP, and go to that folder (http://localhost/Files/PhotoGallery/), I get a error #403 "Access Forbidden" when I try to open them. But I can view other JPEGs that I downloaded from the internet that are in the same folder.

Any suggestions? - Thanks
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Re: Can't view some JPEGs

Postby JJ_Tagy » 02. December 2013 20:25

Sounds like you have a .htaccess or httpd.conf rule
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