MySQL refuses connect from phpmyadmin: Incorrect parameters

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MySQL refuses connect from phpmyadmin: Incorrect parameters

Postby Seylione » 16. April 2013 20:05

New to XAMPP, I uploaded V 1.8 launched all services, then on Firefox localhost a nice orange page but....
When launching phpmyadmin the answer is (in french) "Connexion impossible: paramètres incorrects. phpMyAdmin a tenté de se connecter au serveur MySQL, et le serveur a rejeté la connexion. Veuillez vérifier les valeurs de host, username et password dans votre configuration et vous assurer qu'elles correspondent aux informations fournies par l'administrateur du serveur MySQL."
which should translate into "impossible to connect, incorrect parameters. PhpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server which refused connection. Please check the values of Host, username and password in your config to make sure they match the informetion o the MysqlServer"

I unloaded 1.8 and tried 1.7.7 same thing without any fumbling of the security parameters.

Where do I find and correct all these informations? Any way to reset all parameters to "standard"


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