Conflict on Ports qeustion

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Conflict on Ports qeustion

Postby Gjonessr » 21. January 2013 22:01

Hello and I hope all is well (politeness), :D

I have GNS3 installed and I use it to work with ISOs for routers and imaging switches/etc. I noticed during my installation of XAMPP when Apache is attempting to start, it starts and shut down in a few seconds then it has errors. I read most of the post concerning this issue but all of the fixes don't seem to working. I did however use the update created and pasted the instructed files to the location listed but it didn't work either. I changed GNS3 ports setting to not cause a conflict but Apache won't start. I changed the UAC but to no avail. I do also run Virtual Pcs would this cause a problem? I am new to Apache & XMAPP so any help would be of great assistance. Also, will Apache work on port 8080? Please disregard this to any one who might have seen it earlier. I have resolved the problem. I will post a reply for those wondering how I got it done.
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Re: Conflict on Ports qeustion

Postby stas » 30. January 2013 00:15

If you have a problem with port 80 I had a problem with the port 80, it blocked me one service from MS SQL Server. A service called SQL Server Reporting Services probably. Of course, if you have installed MS SQL;)
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Re: Conflict on Ports qeustion

Postby alexantosh » 01. February 2013 18:23

hey stas, does MS SQL block apache/ xampp? am also a newbie with a problem where apache and msql are running but when i click the admin button, the browser just keeps on loading and nothing - not even the welcome page opens!
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