How to check port 80?

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How to check port 80?

Postby stadium » 28. January 2013 03:14

Hi everyone!
i'm using : xampp-win32-1.7.7-VC9 and when i start apache then i get error: Port 80: busy... Now i want know, How to check port 80? and turnoff services are run port:80?. I can't see tool (check port) of apache... Bored! Please help me!
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Re: How to check port 80?

Postby JJ_Tagy » 28. January 2013 04:41

netstat is the tool you are looking for. You should run it from an admin cmd prompt. A very verbose switch: "netstat -aobn".
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Re: How to check port 80?

Postby Altrea » 28. January 2013 06:19

Hi stadium,

stadium wrote:Now i want know, How to check port 80? and turnoff services are run port:80?

One possibility would be the command line command netstat, as already posted by JJ_Tagy.
  • Open your windows command line
  • type in a command like this
    Code: Select all
    netstat -aon|find ":80"|find "LISTENING"

    (LISTENING is the english expression of the status. If you don't have an english version of windows, this keyword can be different)
  • check the second column for entrys using port 80 and remind it's process ID (PID) in the last column
  • In your windows task manager search for the process with the same PID

Second possibility would be to download and install the latest version of the new control panel v3, which comes with a more user friendly Netstat tool.

Third possibility are tools like the Sysinternals Process Explorer

best wishes,
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Re: How to check port 80?

Postby stas » 30. January 2013 00:27

I had pdi value, but in task manager I did not have this value even though netstat show me "listening", but I figured that I blocked the MS SQL port. Of course, if you have installed MS SQL server to try to disable the SQL reporting service or something like that.
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