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new to xampp

Postby slotfy » 14. December 2012 09:43

I installed xampp 1.8.1 on win7,
cant find PHP.ini
cant start the Mysql command prompt

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Re: new to xampp

Postby JonB » 14. December 2012 16:37

A. Windows 7 does have that nice 'Search in' feature built right into Windows Explorer.

However I will help you out - its in \xampp\php - amazing, huh?

B. Is a little more recondite.

B1. you could start it via the command line- which might be a little tricky, particularly if you are a penguin.

B2. Use the very nice XAMPP shell button that is built into the Control Panel

When the Command Shell opens, type 'mysql' (of course without the single-quotes).


Good Luck with XAMPP

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