.php wont open in browser.

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.php wont open in browser.

Postby paulde » 18. September 2012 04:07

I installed XAMPP 5.3.5. Then I went to http://localhost it sayed it installed sucsessfully. So I went to "htdocks" made a .php file, set up simple "hello world" script. Then I opened Firefox typed in the filename, and then the browser pops up a windo that says "save file" and it won't run the PHP code. I know this probably has a simple fix so any help would be great! Thanks!
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Re: .php wont open in browser.

Postby hackattack142 » 18. September 2012 04:56

I am not sure where you got that version number but there is no XAMPP version 5.3.5.

If you want to access a file, say file.php, in your htdocs folder, you need to put http://localhost/file.php in your browser.
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