How to view documents without downloading via localhost

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How to view documents without downloading via localhost

Postby darocker077 » 13. September 2012 16:07

Hey Guyz,

All my questions which now runs on my mind brought me here. Anyway, I must first thank you all who contributed for the XAMPP to be a success. I love the product and I use it on my windows & all other linux distros...

And I don't know whether I'm allowed to post this. But, I'm seriously stucked in this as I'm not that good in these.. below is what I need & please help

Well, coming back to my question.. What I simply wanted is to run/view documents such as powerpoint presentations, word documents (ppt, doc, docx, xls.. etc) using xampp. I mean, I'm planning to run xampp as the server to access files via a LAN & I want users to visit the link, click on a presentation. While the click on those docs, it should open on the same window without giving them options to download nor save.. similarly, like we use to view pdf files online on some sites..

like this;
Code: Select all

can we do this?? if so, how??
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Re: How to view documents without downloading via localhost

Postby JonB » 13. September 2012 18:48

Ahhh - well besides 'there is a product just for doing that' (Sharepoint Server) and - "xampp is a webserver, not really a fileserver".

1. Binary objects that the browser rendering engine can't recognize need an association with their handler. All of what you are talking about are binary files.

2. Note well, PDF's require 'helper' parts either 'built-in' the browser or installed/enabled like Adobe Reader

3. For the filetypes you want to do, you will need to define them as mime-types. ... he-and-iis

4. They will be read-only objects, unless you do something I don't see easily. Meaning OK to LOOK at them - they will not be able to edit and replace easily. One other option might be WebDAV (its deprecated & inactive now) - that does not mean it would not work.

Google 'Apache mime types Word Powerpoint Excel Office'

In my opinion only - "not appropriate technology"

Good Luck
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