How to create a home directory in apache?

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How to create a home directory in apache?

Postby Izzy123 » 07. September 2012 14:45

So I have the latest version of xampp installed, and had apache running successfully. I have a folder of HTML and CSS files, I need to create a home directory for my files in apache, but I'm not sure how to do it. Do I just copy and paste the folder into \xampp\htdocs? Does that create a home directory for the files? I'm just really confused, any help will be appreciated, thanks.
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Re: How to create a home directory in apache?

Postby JonB » 07. September 2012 18:13

The 'home' directory is really '\xampp\htdocs' (its the DocumentRoot in httpd.conf). If you place a folder in \htdocs, the URL to access them will become http://localhost/foldername/whatever

either approach is perfectly OK - the 'home' thingie is really a Unix/Linux carryover idea. On those platforms ,including Macs, a users files are stored in a root folder '/home/username'.

Good Luck
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