Could not connect to SQL Server on

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Could not connect to SQL Server on

Postby cgrosso » 16. May 2012 17:41

Hello, I understand that this topic has been covered many times but I find nothing works ....

I have a MSSQL database server on a Server2003 which is accessed through PHP programs on a computer XP with XAMPP. The programs work well ... It seemed important to have a backup of the XP .. I set up another PC with XP to download the XAMPP and activated (by removing the;) the mssql in php.ini but when summoned the program gives me the following error

MSSQL functions are available.
Could not connect to SQL Server on

He says "MSSQL functions are available." not knowing it was happening I added the following code:

if (function_exists ('mssql_fetch_row')) {
echo "MSSQL functions are available. <br /> \ n";
} Else {
echo "MSSQL functions are not available. <br /> \ n";

Other than that the programs are the same ....
Any idea what could be the problem?
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Re: Could not connect to SQL Server on

Postby Altrea » 16. May 2012 22:23

Hi cgrosso,

  • is the MSSQL server pingable from your Apache Webserver machine?
  • Is the MSSQL process/service running?
  • do you use the correct MSSQL port in your connect function?
  • are the login credentials correct?
  • Is there in between any network component (firewall, router, switches with vlans) which can block or misroute any ports, packages or connections?

best wishes,
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