Thank you for still supporting PowerPC!

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Thank you for still supporting PowerPC!

Postby mcywinski » 13. May 2012 10:01

I wanted to say I am so grateful for your team that you guys still support OS X 10.4 and PowerPC architecture. You make my G4 iBook still usefull for doing stuff to earn money from commercial projects.
Please, keep up doing great job and supporting "obsolote" architecture. There is still plenty of PowerPC/10.4/10.5 users who love their hardware even if Apple left them.
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Re: Thank you for still supporting PowerPC!

Postby martinlangley » 17. January 2015 21:35

Excuse my ignorance, I'm new around here. Do you happen to know the latest version of Xampp which runs in the PowerPC environment. I am on 10.4.11 Mac OS X )latest PowerePC version?) and would be grateful if you could let me know which Xampp version would be most up to date and still execute in the PowerPC environment

Thanks in advance.

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