Natural URL not ip address based

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Natural URL not ip address based

Postby yukija » 25. March 2012 04:26

Sorry if I ask you a very childish question but appreciate your help.
I have setup a drupal site in xampp. What I did like below:
1) In windows 2003 server, I have setup xampp
2) Copied Drupal to c:/xampp/htdocs folder
3) Everything working fine

Problem is I have to browse the website using server's IP addrees:
Suppose like below:

But what I want it should be looks like natural url (no ip address)

suppose like below:

Since it is Intranet based website (not public)

What I can do can you advice please.
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Re: Natural URL not ip address based

Postby Sharley » 25. March 2012 05:04

First and very important for correct support, would you be so kind as to add your XAMPP version and Operating System to your profile as per these instructions and associated information:
Thanks. :)

Next you could try using the Windows hosts file and add this line to it
Code: Select all
C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts - drag the file into your opened notepad, do the edit, then save the file and try again:
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