XAMPP with both Dual Booted Windows 7's

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XAMPP with both Dual Booted Windows 7's

Postby Coastalguy » 14. February 2012 21:28

I have Windows 7 installed twice in a dual boot situation on drives C: and F:. I also have XAMPP installed once on the E: drive under one OS and the F: drive under the other.

Trying to utilize one install of XAMPP, on the 2nd Win7 I tried to open Apache and Mysql but received path errors (apparently due to a different drive letter for XAMPP. Additionally, the DocumentRoot is set to E:, where it would be F: on the other OS, meaning it will not find my local websites.

I realize I can change the drive letter for XAMPP drive to match the other, however I have so many links to this drive I am looking for another solution if there is one, other than changing the drive letter, or installing XAMPP again for the 2nd OS. :cry:

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Re: XAMPP with both Dual Booted Windows 7's

Postby JonB » 14. February 2012 21:32

XAMPP on a 4 or 8 GB USB Stick should do it.

Good Luck
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