Congratulations to the USA...

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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby jozoiv » 19. October 2011 18:00

Obama is still great person, but the USA lead other people which we don't know who they are :roll: :wink:
But he is big fighter and he will win on the end :D
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby mlepore » 20. October 2011 17:05

2012 needs to get here fast to get ride of OBAMA!!!!
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby Brent00 » 22. October 2011 01:13

safenessie wrote:I think he is a great man it is just such a shame that the few folks behind the curtains have held him back. Just speed bumps though, He will get the job done3 it will just take him a bit longer.

The job he is doing is to bring America to its political and economic knees. He represents the antithesis of what free America stands for in the world.

In truth, the united states of America lost its footing during our Civil War (1861-1865), when, in 1871, it went from being a republic to a corporate state owned by foreign interests. Everything that has happened since that time is the work of foreign interests, including all the wars that have been entered into by the unauthorized and unlawful U.S. Government, Incorporated. The American government no longer belongs to the people, and hasn't for over 140 years. There is no longer a de jure (meaning "concerning law" and lawful process) republic, only a lawless defacto estate which flaunts its arrogance toward its own citizens as well as the rest of the world.

It it indeed a sad state of affairs, the way things have turned out. :cry:
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby Sharley » 22. October 2011 01:22

Brent00 wrote:[ case you haven't been paying attention.
Do not reduce this topic to a slanging match or offer content that will induce a flame response. :shock:

Please be polite and post only informative, meaningful and well thought out personal views or opinion comments only or I will have to close this politically sensitive topic down.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby Bigaz » 29. November 2011 09:23

The question is: will he win a second term? Fortunately I think he will as I dont believe the republicans have a suitable candidate to win.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby milanagrade » 03. December 2011 10:10

This is very important question if he will win a second term? I think he will.

I was reading some information about Barack Obama and he is very intelligent person in my opinion.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby danlangford1 » 26. January 2012 23:58

Been a 4 long years. Guess we will see how the next for years go.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby Soniashope » 08. February 2012 20:53

Personally, I don't know what to believe. When a candidate for president is running for office he makes a lot or promises and we vote for or against him. The problem is that once he is in office, there are many other forces that influence what he is able o accomplish. In some ways this is very good because ideally, we the people, want some checks on what he decides to do. On the other hand, so many interest groups, who have their own agendas which are not necessarily for the good of the entire nation, exert a lot of pressure as well. So, we will definitely see come November whether Mr. Obama is re-elected. May the best man win with God's help.
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