Offline mail() testing?

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Offline mail() testing?

Postby barat » 16. January 2012 16:58


Evryone are saying that mac is so gr8, superB, easy to use, userfriendly etc.
Then Why the h... such easy thing like local mail testing is so complicated (or maybe nothing works for me).

For example on windows, I just used papercut (, and I could testing mails just ootb ...
But in mac nooo ... i tried to do this:
But it not working ... dunno why :/
I don't want to send it via smtp because I want to test mails ofline.
Someone have an idea how I can to do it easly on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 ?

XAMPP, Wildcard DNS ... everything works ... but this dumb mail not ...
Someone have a good sollution for such thing?
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