Reported version for 1.7.3 final is 1.7.3 beta1.

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Reported version for 1.7.3 final is 1.7.3 beta1.

Postby sventhegrinch » 10. January 2012 17:18

First of all, thank you for this great package. Love it!

When I ran AppFresh (which uses iUseThis as the version database) it reported that I have 1.7.3 beta1 installed. As far as I can tell, I have 1.7.3 final (the about box is not mentioning beta1, and I just downloaded this from your official site a few days ago). I checked, and ./XAMPP refers to beta1 in two places... could it be that that file didn't get updated for the final build? Or is this indeed still beta1? Obviously not a huge issue, if et al (sorry if I am misinterpreting things, or missed this being mentioned already).

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