Local Google Analytic activity showing online

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Local Google Analytic activity showing online

Postby Coastalguy » 08. January 2012 01:31

I am not really sure that this problem is valid asking it here, however having tried Google forums with no results, I am hoping someone here might have a clue.

Using XAMPP, local host for my local websites, I have Google Analytic code on each of my pages, so that it will be uploaded along with any changes to my web files. Suddenly, this month, I am showing my local activity under XAMPP, being uploaded to Google Analytics.

I am getting my regular online activity, along with duplicates of the online pages showing my local web folder names prefixing the page name.

Anyone have a clue as to why my activity under my XAMPP, locally on my pc, would be uploaded online to Google Analytics?

Thanks, :(
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Re: Local Google Analytic activity showing online

Postby Sharley » 08. January 2012 02:17

Coastalguy wrote:I have Google Analytic code on each of my pages
Hello Dave.
This code will not know if you are online (hosting service) or offline (localhost) as it most likely has a link to an outside source for scripts and images etc.

Possibly the best solution would be to configure Google Analytics to exclude localhost, if that is possible.

See if this link has the solution for you:
Exclude localhost from Google Analytics

Found with other possible solutions in these
Google Search Results.

You could also block this out bound activity in your firewall - you could have your firewall ask when ever a program or page tries to access the Internet from localhost, this can be a small pain until you establish how this activity is being implemented.

My guess is that the code in your pages, when you open a localhost page, accesses the Google web site and being in your browser it will be allowed without question.
This also will occur if, for example, you have an outside link to an image or an outside linked CSS/script etc.

HTML email is a typical example of how this linking behaviour can be exploited and is often used to establish you have opened the (spam) email and to know the email address is valid so they can relentlessly spam you - in most quality email clients there is a setting that will block this kind of outside linking access.

You may be able to block all localhost traffic leaving your PC, which will not affect this behaviour when you are accessing the Internet other than by localhost.

You need to take control of what happens both online and offline with your computer and one way is via a good quality firewall that is easily configured.

Best wishes Dave. :)

Moved to the Allerlei (All kinds of posts) forum because I don't think it is an XAMPP related issue.
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