[SOLVED]Everything seems to bug out after changing passwords

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[SOLVED]Everything seems to bug out after changing passwords

Postby Wolfeh » 25. December 2011 16:43

So I changed my password from localhost/secruity, not from PHPmyAdmin (which I had done before and still got the same result) and now Filezilla won't start or stop, its just frozen, and when I untick it it ticks itself back on. MySQL did this when I changed username and password in PHPmyAdmin before, and this time around it is working (except I can't access it through PHPMyAdmin even with changing config.inc.php to the correct password). Filezilla, I did remove the default user and put a new user in with a different username and such. Apparently that has messed everything up, as it did before with MySQL. I'm sure the main issue is some file somewhere which I need to change, I just don't know which one. I think a guide should be done on this, as just using root and the default username is not secure in my opinion. The less things they can guess, the better.

Also, I am getting in the XAMPP Control Panel 3.0 Beta:

8:35:58 AM [apache] Possible problem detected: Port 80 in use by "httpd.exe"!
8:35:58 AM [apache] Possible problem detected: Port 443 in use by "httpd.exe"!
8:35:58 AM [mysql] Possible problem detected: Port 3306 in use by "mysqld.exe"!

Which is like wtf, because usually those programs would show up in task manager processes if they were indeed running, and they are not showing up. I did have Apache previously installed, which I uninstalled it and installed XAMPP, in fact I have uninstalled and reinstalled XAMPP and Apache multiple times thinking I could figure Apache out, which I couldn't, but to my knowledge it was completely uninstalled and no processes left running. I also have my own MySQL installed, but I changed its port so XAMPP's could run, and its fine and dandy. I do have my MySQL setup remote hosting, but I don't think that would cause this, would it? I kind of wonder if maybe I should just incorporate XAMPP's MySQL into my own, but I have no idea as to how I would go about doing that either. (Perhaps take the phpmyadmin folder from xampp\mysql\data and move it to my C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\data? Will wait before doing so though, I don't want to screw up my other setup either.) Anyways, the fact that apache's ports are being used, is not affecting my connection, I can still connect to my page, but it seems to be affecting MySQL... In the 3.0 control panel as well, it has grabbed onto the MySQL port that I gave to my setup. Blah.


Oh wait. So, I tried to open up the original control panel again, and it told me it already had one running. So I looked at my hidden icons and sure enough, there were multiple ones. I guess I'm too used to closing instead of clicking quit/exit, and so the program didn't actually close and caused problems for me. Its working now. If anyone else gets this problem, just remember to click Exit and not the X at the top of the window.
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