Keeping MySQL databases in a Dropbox

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Keeping MySQL databases in a Dropbox

Postby psavas » 22. March 2011 04:26

I do development on multiple computers, and on OSX as well as Windows. Is there any way to put my databases in my Dropbox folder, and allow Dropbox to keep the files on each computer up to date so that I don't have to manually recreate my databases on each computer I work on?

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Re: Keeping MySQL databases in a Dropbox

Postby MegaChriz » 22. March 2011 08:46

The MySQL Databases can be found at /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/var/mysql

I'm not sure if everything will keep working if you just copy them from one computer to another. Maybe it works if you use the same version of MySQL on every machine. I once copied a database from on machine with an older MySQL version to another machine (by copying the folder) and that resulted into some corrupt data, but if I remember well, only data which was stored as 'datetime' got corrupted.
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Re: Keeping MySQL databases in a Dropbox

Postby subcog » 27. October 2011 20:01

I've been doing this for awhile between several windows machines, and it works great.

I've recently been trying to set it up on a mac, with only half success. I'm able to direct my htdocs to my dropbox account fine, but I still havn't gotten mysql working through dropbox. I'm not really sure what the problem is.
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