Using FTP over a LAN connection?

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Using FTP over a LAN connection?

Postby artfulME » 10. October 2011 21:06

I have XAMPP installed an old computer of mine that I am using for a website server. I need to be able to update the files and and what not on it remotely from my work desktop and laptop. To do this, I want to use FTP. It's just that I can't seem to get FTP to work on the server and over my LAN connection. I can connect locally, however; I can connect to the FTP server on the machine running it. Any tips guys? I really appreciate all of the help. :)
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Re: Using FTP over a LAN connection?

Postby n360blink » 10. October 2011 21:55

do you encounter specific errors when you try using FTP? It would help if we know the error you are having :)
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Re: Using FTP over a LAN connection?

Postby Sharley » 10. October 2011 22:26


We require your XAMPP version and your Windows Version to provide the correct version support - please read the following Announcements.

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Re: Using FTP over a LAN connection?

Postby hackattack142 » 10. October 2011 22:29

Also, did you try looking at what I suggested the last time you posted about this? viewtopic.php?f=16&t=48237
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