Xamp for mac OS X 10.6.6

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Xamp for mac OS X 10.6.6

Postby Michelle66 » 07. October 2011 17:14

On my Windows PC, wich I work for a few years with Xampp and that is fine.
Now I have recently acquired a MacBook Pro (see sig), and wants to pay too Xampp.
The installation went well and everything works fine, but every time I would like Apache or MySQL
Starting from the control panel at the login screen I had to enter my password

I don't want this
As far as I know xampp can not cooperate with keychain

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Re: Xamp for mac OS X 10.6.6

Postby mrbryo » 08. October 2011 04:23

I am having the same issue. However, I can't modify any of my files in the htdocs directory. I'm still a bit of a Mac newb but their must be a way to deactivate it or point htdocs (link?) to a location in my personal folder.

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Re: Xamp for mac OS X 10.6.6

Postby mrbryo » 08. October 2011 04:58

Actually I think I figured it out my issue which might help you with yours. You have to give your user account access to the folder in order to write files to the folders.


1) Right click on that folder and choose Get Info.
2) Open the Sharing & Permissions area if it isn't already.
3) Click the lock button in the lower right corner and enter the root password (it should ask).
4) Click the plus sign and a new window will open titled "Select a new user or group:".
5) Find your account and click it.
6) Click the Select button.
7) Lock the settings by clicking on the lock in the lower right corner again.

Then reload your editor and you should be able to save and edit files. However, this doesn't resolve the root password required to start and stop the servers. Maybe going to a higher folder, maybe to /Applications/XAMPP, and doing the same thing?
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Re: Xamp for mac OS X 10.6.6

Postby Sharley » 08. October 2011 05:15

Is there anything on this page that might help - sorry I can't help with your issues here as I don't have any Apple products, I value my freedom and security too much: :)
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