Object not found, Error 404

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Object not found, Error 404

Postby aung » 06. October 2011 09:11


I installed XAMPP Linux 1.7.7 in Debian Linux according to installation instruction mentioned in http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-linux.html. Installation went well. I can browse http://localhost/xampp and see all information in there. But, when I place a directory or file in root of Apache, i.e. /opt/lampp, it gave me the error 404, Object not found.

It neither works with localhost nor fixed IP address.

Could you advice?

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Re: Object not found, Error 404

Postby Altrea » 06. October 2011 13:18

Don't place the files directly in the lampp directory, but in the apache DocumentRoot.
You can find important folders and files here
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