Xampp in home directory possible?

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Xampp in home directory possible?

Postby kramer65 » 05. October 2011 12:37


I've got Xampp installed in my /opt/ directory in Ubuntu. Since I need to create very large testing databases however (about 150GB) I want to move the installation to my home directory. Is this possible by simply moving the complete lampp folder to /home/username/, or would I break something with that?

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Re: Xampp in home directory possible?

Postby JonB » 05. October 2011 13:27

I'm completely lost why the location on the filesystem is important??? you know - "space is space" :roll:

To answer your question, no matter what you do, the ownership of the Files in XAMMP/LAMMP will probably need to remain nobody:root for it to work, you won't AFAIK, be able to chown the XAMPP files to your login account and have it work.

You would also, I believe, need to 'fix' all the configuration files and the LAMPP scripts -= this is not XAMPP for Windows, which just does not give a rats behind where it is (other than folders with special characters).

These are all 'my opinions', based on my knowledge.

AND - gee - you know you can create a user in MySQL other than 'root', you know... :roll:

Good Luckl

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