Unable to open logs

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Unable to open logs

Postby lszlsz » 09. September 2011 15:09

Hi everybody

I have the famous "Unable to open log" error when starting apache but of a different kind as the one you get when searching in google. Here's the situation:

I've been running XAMPP on a windows 2003 server for some time. No problem so far as I deactivated IIS. However now I needed to activate it for some application, i.e. I need both IIS and apache running on the sema machine. So I switched the apache in http.conf to an other port (:8888) - and got the error "Unable to open log". I gave the server an additional IP and set Apache to this IP: no luck. No skype or anti-virus intereferring either.
I get not entries in the apache error.log, only in the event viewer of windows. And the status in xampp-control shows that apache is still listening to port 80...
Strangely netstat does not give me any process listening to :80 or :8888.

Has anyone some more ideas? Aside of reinstalling xamppp as I have a development area running on it that I dont want to loose ....


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Re: Unable to open logs

Postby JonB » 09. September 2011 15:27

A. - Which version of XAMPP???

B. - did you specify the IP(s) to listen on? You will need to do that both in IIS and Apache

C. - The old versions of the XAMPP control panel are 'hard-wired' on the matter of Services and ports, so they cannot be considered authoritative. You might consider DL'ing the new Control Panel and giving it a go. It was designed for new versions, but works with old ones too. :shock:
read -
dl -

Good Luck
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