Install XAMPP without root access

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Install XAMPP without root access

Postby assertive » 26. August 2011 09:16

I've had a good look around the forums and online but can't find an answer to this question. I am assuming that the answer is "no", but thought I'd ask anyway!
Q - Is it possible to install XAMPP on Linux without root acces or use of su anywhere in the process?

I suspect that you can install /lampp somewhere other than /opt, use a port>1024 (I think) and so on, but are there any actions that must need root?
The reason for the question is that I have a user who wished to install XAMPP on a company server for testing, but he has no administrative privileges.

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Re: Install XAMPP without root access

Postby Altrea » 26. August 2011 09:37

The answer is no.

And something to think about:
Maybe the company has security rules and thats the reason why users don't have administrator privileges.
I don't think the company would be very amused to have a XAMPP in their secure network without their knowledge. :lol:
Your user should ask his administrator to get more information about that.
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