Can not running on XAMPP? [Ask why!?]

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Can not running on XAMPP? [Ask why!?]

Postby dj_tokaya » 13. June 2011 03:25

I have a problem when using XAMPP. On my web I put a Jcart in it.
When I click add to cart button, no items are added to shopping cart, means it keeps appearing "Your cart is empty!" over and over again.

I had tried something like this:

1. If I changed error_reporting syntax default E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE to E_ALL ^ ~E_NOTICE,
the Jcart was running well. It can be added more one item.
Big problems here, after restarted apache there's a box warning told
ERROR PARSING : C:\xampp\php\php.ini on line 292 and I couldn't get my web on the localhost,
it accepted blank.

2. I changed back the error_reporting syntax to default E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE, everything' back to normal again.
Changing the value for session.use_cookies = 1, session.use_only_cookies = 1,
session.auto_start = 1, and session.use_trans_sid = 1. The "add to cart" worked well BUT only one item can be added. If I reload the browser, its back to ZERO, No items or Your cart is empty (can't be saved).

Honestly, I have tried to another localhost server and it works perfectly.
Just wondering, why it can not be run on XAMPP? Is there anything that I should add or substract in php.ini? =="a
or the Jcart I use is not designed to run on XAMPP?

Need your answer.
Thanks in advance.

~ dj_tokaya ~
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Re: Can not running on XAMPP? [Ask why!?]

Postby Nobbie » 13. June 2011 10:32

I think its a problem of your browser (security settings), not accepting cookies from localhost or similar. Try different browsers and/or look for the security settings.

The reason might be as well a security tool (any firewall software or similar) again suppressing cookies or similar. I dont think the problem is Xampp.
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Re: Can not running on XAMPP? [Ask why!?]

Postby dj_tokaya » 13. June 2011 11:00

Browsers IE 7, Mozilla Firefox 4, and Google Chrome are just the same I got.

I was trying to off the firewall, its also same.
First, I also thought the problem is not XAMPP.
I'd tried many things on each browsers, such as setting the cookies, security, content, privacy... nothing changes.

Hufft~ confusing :(
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