Mysql root only

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Mysql root only

Postby ajabar » 06. April 2011 14:41


I have a question that I have sucessfully installed xampp and all services are working fine but when I go to phpmyadmin login page it just allow root.

I have already created a user that has global access (granted all previliages like root has) but now only root is allowed to login in phpmyadmin and it's not allowing my other users to login.

second. I want to test opencart, prestashop, wordpress, joomla etc on my localhost ... so I created database for each package and their users are added either ... but when I go to installation page and reach where I put database name and username of that database, It just simply doesn't accept that user but when I enter root for same database it allows it and proceed further ... my question is that why it's not allowing other mysql user to get access to their databases. although I have given those user full access but still unable to understand what is going on .... I was using Apache 2.x with PHP and Mysql 5.x on Windows XP and no error was occured but on xampp I am having this issue ...

Kindly help me out to resolve this issue.

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