No installer package found

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No installer package found

Postby Windwalker » 06. February 2011 12:53

Hello there,

I am currently struggeling on installing XAMPP 1.7.4.
Whilst installing on my office computer (XP Professional) worked fine, installing it on any of my two home computers causes problems:

At first I tried to install it on my Win7 machine, experiencing the problems I later read about on this site.
Then I turned on my old machine running XP Home. While installing XAMPP at work on XP Pro worked really fine, either installing methods on XP Home causes some problems.

When I run the installer package, I get
Code: Select all
Status Check Failure [xxxxxx]

with <xxxxxx> being a rather long 5 or 6 digit number which no google query can find results for.
Then I switched to the manual installation using the 7zip method.

I unpacked in C:\xampp and ran the installer script.
When starting the control panel, the message
Code: Select all
Install(er) Directory: No installer package found

Still, at a first glance, averything seems to work.
Do I have to worry?
Why don't I receive any errors at work, but still get them at home? Both beeing XP machines?

Thanks for your help!
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