HostnameError001 Mac OS X

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HostnameError001 Mac OS X

Postby kinesis » 30. January 2011 01:46

When I press 'Start' on any of the 3 this dialog appears. How do I fix this issue?
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Re: HostnameError001 Mac OS X

Postby saulor » 30. January 2011 18:16

I have the same problem. i installed it again but didn't fix the problem. Anybody?
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Re: HostnameError001 Mac OS X

Postby MegaChriz » 31. January 2011 15:59

I found a solution for an issue that could be related to this one here:
Does this solution also works for this problem?
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Re: HostnameError001 Mac OS X

Postby psyrendust » 29. April 2011 23:47

I found a fix that worked for me. I posted the solution on my blog: I hope this helps.
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