CSS3 problem in IE9 when running with Xampp?

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CSS3 problem in IE9 when running with Xampp?

Postby pereira » 14. January 2011 18:27

I'm having some problem with xampp with Internet explorer 9 installed on windows 7 32bit. The IE 9 does not display some CSS 3 code properly (such as border-radius) while running through localhost. The CSS works fine with other browsers on localhost but not only with IE 9. However, the code works fine with IE 9 if i open the html file without xampp, (just by double clicking on, so that it has some path like (C:\xampp\htdocs\test\x\index.html), which means there is no problem with CSS or IE9, but it does not work with xampp. Can someone please tell how to fix it? Thanks.
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Re: CSS3 problem in IE9 when running with Xampp?

Postby Altrea » 14. January 2011 19:53

We can't because wie don't know your script.
The Apache http daemon just serves your pages.
What should be different to that (exept of wrong paths)?
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