How-To: Add VirtualEnv and Django (WSGI framework) to XAMPP

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How-To: Add VirtualEnv and Django (WSGI framework) to XAMPP

Postby greno » 07. December 2010 00:14

Start by following the How-To: Add VirtualEnv and Pylons (WSGI framework) to XAMPP:

Stop at the point where you have VirtualEnv installed and working.

Be sure you are working in your new virtual ENV environment:
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cd $HOME
source ENV/bin/activate

To install Django (WSGI-framework):
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pip install django

Now let's create our first Django application:
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mkdir projects
cd projects startproject helloworld
cd helloworld

And let's run the built-in webserver:
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python runserver localhost:8000
Validating models...
0 errors found

Django version 1.2.3, using settings 'helloworld.settings'
Development server is running at http://localhost:8000/
Quit the server with CONTROL-C.

browser to: http://localhost:8000/




And as you can see you can do very similar process for any of the WSGI frameworks. Just follow along the same process as I did for Pylons and Django.

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