htdocs & php

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htdocs & php

Postby Rankxerox1984 » 02. November 2010 17:44


I started few time ago with XAMPP and php stuff, and I'm doing some different things.
The issue I have is that I can't store php files in different location than htdocs. I've tryed in other directories like localhost/provisional/test.php
and doesn't work, maybe I have some misconfiguration in php.ini oo any other place, any body can give me a hint about how to fix this?

Many, many, many thanks in advance :oops:
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Re: htdocs & php

Postby newbie2244 » 30. December 2010 22:40


How is RankXerox BTW?

Do you understand the concept of a web server/app server? It has to be configured. In the co there is an entry that points the web server to a particular directory whose files it "serves". . If you tell our server that document root is htdocs, then that's where it will serve from.
If you want to change the directory from which you have to change the httpd config file.

I'm not sure which OS you''re on since you did not provide that info. Since the entries in the config file are written in an OS-specific mode, this is all I can suggest.

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