Problems with Xampp ZendFramework UTF8 codification

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Problems with Xampp ZendFramework UTF8 codification

Postby ninonna » 24. October 2010 19:31

I'm starting with a MySQL+php+ZendFramework project, I have all the components configured with UTF8.
In my web project I can save anf modify people data as name, telephone,... from my web to the DataBase. From my web it seems to be all fine. But when I open phpMyAdmin, special characters in the data on 'people' table apear like ñ§...
Is it correct?
All the tables are set in UTF, anf the conection collation as well.
The browser is set un UTF8 codification, and all the php,js and phtml files al well. But I still have the funny characters in the DB table.
Have I to configure anything else??
Can anybody give me some help,please?
thanks in advanced!
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