Loadbalancing Apache with SSL

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Loadbalancing Apache with SSL

Postby peterpan2 » 26. August 2010 09:08

Hello together,

I do have a web application which is using Apache and Tomcat. Apache is using SSL and forwards requests via mod_jk to Tomcat.
For performance reasons now I do want to have more then one Tomcat running behind one Apache.

I know that I can use load balancing directives in the worker settings to distribute requests to serveral Tomcats, but I'm wondering if this will work with SSL and sticky sessions.

Also I could have one single Apache as load balancer in front of 2 or 3 Apache/Tomcat instances. In this case the first Apache which is the load balancer would distribute requests to the backend Apache/Tomcat instances. Will this work with SSL and sticky sessions?

Does anyone have some hints or comments on this?

Any help/hint is appreciated!

Thank you very much, Peter

PS: Habe jetzt automatisch in Englischg geschrieben, sorry!
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