Xampp on Windows Server 2008

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Xampp on Windows Server 2008

Postby 4zzdawg » 20. November 2009 03:49

Hey guys,

I've just set up my new server running 2008 Enterprise.
It's mainly going to be a DHCP/DNS/File Server for my home network, but it also does a bit of Web server work on the side.

My old server ran linux so I had lampp on it, I would use IIS/MSSQL/PHP except I really could not be bothered migrating my data to the different format.

Now I've installed xampp on windows before, and it's gone fine. This time however has not. I've installed it fine, configured it from (and from the local machine), but whenever I try to access the server from anywhere else (inside my local network) it times out.

I've checked the apache.conf, aswell as a netstat -a (which shows listening on

I've turned off Windows Firewall to make sure, but it didn't help.

What am I doing wrong? (netstat -b does NOT show up the port, is this a problem?)

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Re: Xampp on Windows Server 2008

Postby murugappan_sw51 » 04. August 2010 15:39

I have setup windows server 2008 enterprise as well and initially had the same problem.

To correct the problem do the following:

(1) Edit the xampp/apache/conf/httpd file
(2) Local the keyword "Listen"
(3) After the last entry enter additional listen entries e.g.


in this case my port number is set to 92. Be careful not to use port 80, which is the default in the httpd file. Port 80 is also used by Windows http server.

(5) Save the file and restart XAMPP Control Panel.
(6) Next, get xampp using the following URLs (1) Localhost:92 or (2)
(7) This should work fine.

This should now work.
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Re: Xampp on Windows Server 2008

Postby JonB » 04. August 2010 20:05

The prior poster's fix will likely work.

My advice would be to solve your port 80 problem if you plan to run such things as blogs, a CMS, or plan or testing software OR eventually opening your server to the internet.

The key is understanding the 'server role' of your box as installed. For many roles, the HTTPS.SYS (which is a service/driver now) is installed and enabled for start type of Automatic - its used for many different non-obvious purposes (it used to be part of IIS, but was made a core service).

I'm trying to grok why you would want to run a Windows DHCP or DNS server for a home network. BUT its your life, and your box. :mrgreen:

Good Luck
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Re: Xampp on Windows Server 2008

Postby Altrea » 04. August 2010 22:40

JonB wrote:I'm trying to grok why you would want to run a Windows DHCP or DNS server for a home network. BUT its your life, and your box. :mrgreen:

You don't have your own private DHCP or DNS Server running? Man, you are so 80s :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

P.S.: It's purely coincidental that there are some similarities with Irony in my post 8)
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Re: Xampp on Windows Server 2008

Postby rickyn » 11. August 2010 05:57

Just a guess here... Are you also running Web Server IIS on your 2008 Enterprise box? If so, look for the service named World Wide Web Publishing. It's probably using port 80, just like my home network Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. I disabled mine. I'm note sure what it's used for, check on the later...

Good luck!

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