General Apache info needed

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General Apache info needed

Postby websitesbymark » 22. July 2010 19:49

I am currently trying to track down the source of a couple of minor issues with my web hosting.

I have tried talking to the ISP but they are not much use, so Im after some information from anyone with a good understanding of the platform.

On my shared hosting I have installed Wordpress via Fantastico.

Issue 1. The time is out on the posts by an hour, can someone confirm this is likely to be an apache environment setting.

Issue 2. Using the default install setting, wordpress picks up the default region as being US (Im based in the UK), again is this likely to be an apache config issue.

In both cases the ISP say everything is right and I draw a blank when I talk to the wordpress Forums, so I thought Apache is the next logical place to look.

Thank you in advance for any help.
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