apache won't stop!!

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apache won't stop!!

Postby coldshoulder » 10. July 2010 23:54

hey, I dragged the xampp folder to the recycle bin while it was still running and it somehow messed up my system, installed it again and everytime i was trying 2 start the apache/mysql/ftp it will give me that the port is already in use! Anyways i restarted, emptied the trash and started it again and it worked, even went all the way 2 edit my security settings, however when i stop it, it shows that its stopped on the xampp control, but if i open my localhost page its still there even more, if i wanted 2 start it from the xampp control again it gives that it can't start because a server is already running! how do i solve this?! can i like do something and take my mac to the period before it even heard of xampp and have a fresh start?
P.S i deleted it at first because Dreamweaver gave me "something is wrong with your xampp installation" when i tried 2 run a php page!
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Re: apache won't stop!!

Postby MegaChriz » 12. July 2010 08:20

You can only go back to the situation before XAMPP if you had made a complete backup of your Mac (for example with Time Machine).

But there is another way to stop Apache if it refuses to stop with the control panel.
1. Open the application 'Activity Monitor'. (It's usually in /Applications/Utilities).
2. In the top of the window, choose to show all processes.
3. In the filter field (search field), type in 'httpd'. httpd is the Apache server process.
4. You will see a list with multiple httpd-processes. If you stop all httpd-processes you should be able to start Apache again.

To stop all httpd-processes:
1. Click on one httpd-process in the list.
2. Click on the red button 'Quit process' (top left in the window).
3. A popup-window will appear. Choose for 'Force quit'. You probably need to give your Mac-password to confirm. (I choosed for 'Force Quit' because I noticed just 'Quit' didn't stop the process.)
4. Repeat previous three steps foreach httpd-process in the list.
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Re: apache won't stop!!

Postby coldshoulder » 15. July 2010 07:33

Thank you for your help, I did manage to turn it off eventually but thank you for bringing my notice 2 the activity monitor it completely slipped out of my mind :)
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