XCP - XAMPP Control Panel Source Code?

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XCP - XAMPP Control Panel Source Code?

Postby Slipaway » 07. July 2010 07:37

I've searched looking for the XCP source code, and I was wondering if anyone has the latest XCP 2.6 source code?


I've seen earlier requests dating all the way back to April of 2009, almost a year and a half ago asking for the XCP source code. It seems that Chris made his earlier source code available, but does anyone have the most recent updates to the XCP source code (versions 2.5.8 and 2.6 of the XCP).

It seems that earlier requests from BigWetDog (and others, including even Chris the original author of the code) have all fallen upon "deaf ears" and sir Carsten Wiedmann has ignored all requests for publicly publishing the latest source code updates for the XCP.

I believe BigWetDog even sent him a few requests at his work email ( carsten.wiedmann at thermofisher.com )


Does anyone happen to have a copy of the latest XCP 2.6 source code that they could make available?
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