Linux commands in windows XAMPP

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Linux commands in windows XAMPP

Postby jankichaudhari » 25. June 2010 15:00

I am new to XAMPP. I have used it with windows, and now I want to use with Linux. But I don't want to install Linux as an OS.
Is it possible to use Linux commands in windows using XAMPP? If yes then how?

Thank you

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Re: Linux commands in windows XAMPP

Postby Nobbie » 25. June 2010 22:28

jankichaudhari wrote:Is it possible to use Linux commands in windows using XAMPP?i

Which Linux commands do you mean?

P.S.: What i wonder - you say, you want to use Xampp "with" Linux? How will you use Xampp "with" Linux but without Linux?
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Re: Linux commands in windows XAMPP

Postby camslaz » 28. June 2010 08:47

I am after the same answer to this question. I think what he is trying to ask (and myself) is for example if I want to install some PHP libraries where I need to recompile PHP or run commands like ./configure, make, make install how I actually do that. Basically I think I need to set up a SSH connection to localhost... is that right? If so, how do you actually do it? I am using putty for example, I try to connect to either localhost or and I get a Network error: connection refused error.
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Re: Linux commands in windows XAMPP

Postby JonB » 30. June 2010 02:31

short answer - you can't really use true Linux/Unix commands on a Windows machine. Different OS, different utilities and a completely incompatible filesystem.

To be more specific to camslaz, to compile C source on Windows you are going to need a Windows Native C compiler. I speak of C, because it is the most common variant of source code for 'things web'. Unix and Linux have always 'come' with a C compiler -- right from the very origins of Unix. And make/build is a function of the OS having that C compiler available (although make can actually use any compiler with a Command Line Interface).

The two most popular C Compilers (really environments) are both Microsoft Products. Visual C++ and Visual Studio. There are two versions Visual Studio 6, and Visual Studio 2008 (VC9). When you 'read up' you will find that the Apache and PHP in XAMPP are compiled with 'VC6' - and that is what's needed to keep things working with Apache (the critical component). The Visual Studio 2008 compiler is intended for the IIS webserver.

here are two threads to read:



and finally the definitive word on PHP -- from PHP

Read the part in the left column about compiling PHP on WIndows.

There have been hacks posted here to patch VC9 DLL's to run with VC6 binaries, its OK IF YOU know what all the dependencies were and are sure you won't come up missing a part. I don't feel real comfortable that I know that much.

Good Luck
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